Introducing: The Creatives Hub

Your private ad library to organise marketing images, videos & copy for your entire team.

With just a few clicks, locate the perfect image, video or copy for your next killer ad – no more endless folder digging.

Imagine a world where your marketing assets are centralised, tagged, categorised, and all searchable

From the desk of Abdullah, London, UK:

Running ads as a senior media buyer for some of the biggest, well-known 7-figure consulting businesses in the online space,

I was responsible for launching new ad creatives, regularly collaborating with other members of the team; copywriters, design team, video editors etc

Yet, I always got triggered by messages from the business owner/team members, such as:

“Which ads are working right now?”

“Can you send me a link to the original file of that video we filmed in July?”

“Do we need new ad copy? What do we have available right now?”

It wasn’t their fault. They just wanted to know what was happening or what assets were available, but that information was only available to me and not to them.

Does this sound familiar?

👉 The copywriter delivers ad copy, headlines & emails in a Google doc…

👉 The image/video editor delivers video edits in Google Drive or even Dropbox…

👉 Links to these assets would be sent over email or Slack.

Everything would be stored across dozens of Google docs, various storage folders - you couldn't find anything without "folder digging"

“Folder digging” – was a hugely inefficient way of doing things.

There was no central location where everything was stored, tagged, categorised and searchable to anyone on the team.

I even tried to create a “database” of all the assets on a spreadsheet, even then, I would have to go back and forth clicking dozens of links, often downloading the entire 2GB video file just to find it’s the wrong asset.

A huge waste of time.

Something I didn’t need to do.

No one wants to become the human version of a digital content management system (me).

go figure… 🤌

Every team request for an asset always triggered at least a 10-minute “folder digging” hunt, often accompanied by further requests and even impromptu meetings on further assets we could/should create.

It was emotionally draining…

I couldn’t go on like this…

So I came up with a solution which brought peace back to marketing

I built a solution called the “Creatives Hub” that pulled everyone in the company on the same page

This isn't your average low-quality Google Sheets spreadsheet that just holds a bunk of links to things in other places

Rather, this is where your marketing assets are centralised, tagged, categorised, and made searchable. With just a few clicks, locate the perfect image, video or copy for your next killer ad – no more endless folder-digging

Now EVERYONE in your team can see and instantly understand what assets are available – images, videos, marketing copy – everything in one place!

Everything searchable!

The only Asset Management Hub you need that makes marketing assets instantly searchable - you'll be the hero on your marketing team

You won’t have to worry about assets hosted across multiple platforms or team members leaving taking the original files with them (true story)

It is how Senior media buyers and CMOs keep their marketing assets organised and rapidly launch winning ads.

I developed this product for marketing teams of all sizes, from solo advertisers to multi-dozen member teams, because no-one should be running their marketing off a bunch of links.

You don’t need to be fancy project manager or have super high organisational skills – It’s super simple – if you can make a Google search, you’ll be able to search and find all your assets

After years of trying many different softwares and tools...

From hiring a full time assistants to help keep things organised to expensive digital asset management softwares….

I discovered the method that is SUPER easy to use and costs you pennies to get started.

Who knew a free Notion account was all it took?

I tested these methods with fellow advertisers and they said “I can’t believe I wasn’t using this before”

This method was able to help anyone who runs any sort or organic or paid campaigns online.

Our goal with this method is not just to help you organise your marketing assets,

But, rather we’re building a foundation for you to become better marketers, leverage your time where your genius lies most and enjoy marketing as a whole.

This is the key that makes the huge difference in how quickly you launch new ads and variations no matter your skill level (junior/senior advertiser)

Special Launch Price!

Full price: $37.00 USD

Special launch price: Only $9.95 today!

Now available for instant access!
Delivered instantly. Access The Creatives Hub and all bonuses in the next 2 minutes.
Here's what's included
in the bundle:

The actual 1-click install Notion template we use that will help you organize images, videos & copy for your entire marketing team.

Supercharge your marketing:
Search across all your marketing copy, images, videos, headlines within a few clicks

Over the shoulder video walkthrough on how everything works so you can share with your team or further customise to your needs (if needed)

Done for you: We’ve done all the hard work for you! Just use the 1-click install to copy over the templates into your business.

BONUS: How we use The Creatives Hub to make better data driven decisions and launch more winning creatives faster.

BONUS: How to use naming conventions in ads manager that matches exactly the assets in Creatives Hub

The Creatives Hub
is for you if:

You are a junior/senior media buyer and want keep all your assets organised so it’s less chaotic to launch new ads faster

You have a busy routine and don’t have time to dig through dozens of folders trying to piece together marketing creatives and copy

You work with a team of other creatives (image/video editors, copywriters etc) and want to keep everyone on the same page instead of stop chasing after people

You want to be able to search through hundreds of lines of marketing copy from one single place

You want the ability to figure out which creatives are working the best and avoid creative fatigue by launching other similar creatives super fast

You are looking for a solution that works for everybody who may not necessarily be technically advanced

You do not want to spend hours setting something up - you prefer a simple 1-click install that gives you a proven template to work with immediately

You want to join the ranks of top 1% media buyers and CMOs on how they keep their marketing assets organised

Get The Creatives Hub today and finally put a stop to endless "folder digging"!

Full price: $37.00 USD

Special launch price: Only $9.95 today!

Now available for instant access!
Delivered instantly. Access The Creatives Hub and all bonuses in the next 2 minutes.

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m totally confident you’re going to love The Creatives Hub Notion template, I use it myself personally on a daily basis and every client/team I’ve worked with loved it too!

This is why I believe that this will be your best investment for both you and your/your client’s teams

But even still, if for any reason this bundle does not work for you after you tried it honestly then just let us know in 60 days and we’ll return your money back to you without asking any questions.

The Creatives Hub

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